About CDI
Creative Dreams is a newly established E-learning Company Marketing E-learning programmes for students from Standard 1-Form 5 in line with the syllabus of the Ministry of Education.
Creative Dreams is the brainchild of our president Mr. K Thinesh Kumar, being a computer graduate & exposed   to the field of E-learning, his dream is to embark a complete Online Educational  Portal at an affordable price        so that every parent regardless of Rich or Poor will be able to access to the trend of Webucation, in preparation for a lucrative future for their children.
Together with a Panel of Qualified & Experienced Teachers & Lecturers they started on the groundwork of coming up with the most sophisicated E-Learning Programme consisting of Input, Output & Virtual Classroom Teaching with Teachers Voice Over for every Topic covering complete objective & subjective syllabus for Standard 1-Form 5.
With the introduction of such a complete programme our President is looking forward to witness the Nations success using the "Focus-A” system of teaching.

"Your Success, Our Achievement."